Expert Witness

AnS Consulting provides expert witness support for court cases. We are experienced in using mobile location technology as a forensic tool. Our services include:

  • Provide opinion on the likelihood of events (corroborating or challenging other evidence).
  • Independent review and assessment of other expert witness findings.

We use specialised signal measurement tools, extensive knowledge of mobile technologies and radio propagation and statistical analysis to carry out our investigation. We look for angles that will allow us to corroborate or challenge claims made by defendants or prosecution. Our evidence has played a crucial role in either getting acquittal or defendants accepting the charges and pleading guilty (resulting in a lesser term).

We have many years of expert witness experience in criminal, corporate and regulatory settings. We are experienced in presenting complex technical issues in a form understandable to lay audience. AnS Consulting also helps with obtaining mobile call data from operators or Police and with court orders for accessing call data.