Spectrum Management

AnS Consulting has more than two decades of experience in influencing Government spectrum policy and running spectrum auctions. We are well versed in New Zealand and international spectrum regulation. We provide expert advice on:

  • Spectrum policy formulation
  • Spectrum strategy
  • Running spectrum auctions
  • Different formats of spectrum auctions

We have helped develop auction strategy, build spectrum business cases, influence auction rules, set up auction war room, and, run the day to day operations of the auction. We are experienced in different spectrum allocation methodologies; Combinatorial Clock Auctions, Multiple Round Simultaneous Ascending Bid Auctions, Tenders.

AnS Consulting has provided policy advice on spectrum allocation and pricing. Our broad knowledge of spectrum policy setting, regulation, and pricing methodologies enables us to provide comprehensive reports in the context of broader Government policy objectives. Our reports have been successfully used by cellular operators to influence regulatory policy and price setting, which has resulted in significant savings.